Client Assessment to Determine Needs

Please fill out the Client Needs Assessment Form on this page in part or in full.  This information is used to build a profile to determine the best application and package for your organization.

Your package will be reviewed within 48 hours and we will reach out to schedule an assessment call with you and your team.

Assuming you like what you hear, we will start the onboarding process.

Fundraising Client Assessment

  • Company Overview

    Company Name and Ownership
  • Business Details

    Business Summary Product/Service

    Describe nature of business/ major activities/ summary in few lines.

  • Industry Overview

  • Business Supply Chain

  • Organizational Structure

  • Action Plan (Milestones)

    Please provide your action plan (Milestones) in the table below including relevant dates and target objectives:

  • Financials

  • Allocation of Financing

  • Revenue

    How many revenue streams are there?

  • Expenses (For year 1)